"With your help, my credit has improved enough to qualify for a mortgage. You have been a great help. Many thanks." J A Coulson, Neath

"Thank you for all that you have done for my credit rating. There was a lot of negative and inaccurate information in my credit file. By following your instructions I was able to get it all removed. I have now got credit again." Mr F Walters, Ipswich

"I have not been able to get a normal credit card for several years. However after following your instructions I now have a good credit rating and a credit card. I am so grateful to you." B Walton, Driffield

"Just to say a big thank you to you all. I was a bit sceptical at first, having wasted money on credit repair services. But your instructions have enabled to clean up my credit file and become credit worthy again. And at such little cost. Thanks again." Mrs D Simmonds, Plymstock


You have found the best UK website for Credit Repair

You can use Government legislation that allows you to wipe out up to 75% of your debt.

Up to 75% of your debts (including all interest and charges) can be written off.
Prevent any legal action against you
Cancel out any existing CCJs
Avoid Bankruptcy

Credit files can be repaired quickly, cheaply and legally to restart your credit. Our files cover every thing - from simple out of date information, through defaults and finally CCJ'S.

Step By Step Guide to CCJ Removal
How to Get Judgements Set Aside
Credit Scoring - What They Don't Tell You
Credit Repair Companies
Pre-written credit repair letters
Sample Letter to Credit Reference Agencies
Sample Letter to County Court
Sample Letter to Finance Companies
List of Credit Reference Agencies
Inside Information on Credit Repair
How Anyone Can Get a Clean Credit History

UK Credit Cards and Offshore Credit Cards.
Secured Credit Cards and Unsecured Credit Cards
How to get card issuers to accept you
Credit Secrets - What They Don't Want You to Know
Inside information on credit scoring, credit references and credit repair.
How to borrow £10,000-£30,000 unsecured.
How to get as many cards as you need.
Application Tactics
How to score your own credit rating and never get turned down!
Offshore sources of discreet anonymous credit cards!
Credit History...Credit References
Credit Repair Companies

Credit Secrets - Credit With No Credit Checks
Save Thousands Off The Cost of Your Mortgage
The Secrets of Obtaining a First Class Credit Rating
How to Have CCJ's Legally Removed
Raising Thousands in a Matter of Days
A Guaranteed Income of £100,000 In a Year
Clear Your Debts by Paying a Fraction of the Balance
"Borrow" Money - That You Don't Need To Repay
Have Interest Frozen so debts get no larger
Discharge Debts by paying a fraction of the balance



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