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Increase Your Wage Calculator

If you work one hour and spend that hour's entire wage on a non essential, non-appreciating purchase, you have effectively limited the value of one hour's wage to its face value. But if you were to invest all or part of the one hour's earnings into an interest bearing investment, this would in effect increase that hour's wage by an amount equal to the total interest earned by the investment. This calculator will show you the future value of your hourly wage based on the amount invested, the annual rate of return, and the number of years invested.

Instructions: Enter your hourly rate of pay, e.g. £8, then decide on a portion that you could reasonably invest, e.g. £1. If you have an interest earning savings account or any other form of investment that you can regularly top up then enter the annual Interest Rate, e.g 5%. Then decide on a period for the investment, e.g 10 years. Click on compute and it will show you the increased value of your hourly rate and the interest that you have earned.

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