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These Credit Files
are for the UK only
Updated for 2011

What Others Say

"I have just received my updated credit file today. They have deleted 7 of the 8 negative entries! Your advice about that was amazing. It really works. Thanks so much." Mrs G Hutchinson, Ashton-u-Lyne

"Thank you for all your good help. My credit score has improved dramatically. Thanks to you all for getting my credit back to where it should be." P Kingston, Dudley, W Mids

"With your help, my credit has improved enough to qualify for a mortgage. You have been a great help. Many thanks." J A Coulson, Neath

"At last I have found some genuine credit repair help. My credit rating has been turned around and I can now get credit. Thanks to you all." Mrs A McDonald, Uxbridge

"Thank you for all that you have done for my credit rating. There was a lot of negative and inaccurate information in my credit file. By following your instructions I was able to get it all removed. I have now got credit again." Mr F Walters, Ipswich

"I have not been able to get a normal credit card for several years. However after following your instructions I now have a good credit rating and a credit card. I am so grateful to you." B Walton, Driffield

"Just to say a big thank you to you all. I was a bit sceptical at first, having wasted money on credit repair services. But your instructions have enabled to clean up my credit file and become credit worthy again. And at such little cost. Thanks again." Mrs D Simmonds, Plymstock

"Thanks for the excellent advice you have provided. You really do know the secret of credit repair! After trying for so long I have now got a credit card." H Jackson, Lytham

"With your help I was able to get my first credit card. And by using it the way you explained, I was actually able to increase my credit score and credit worthiness. Brilliant! Thanks for everything." C Downing, Barnstaple

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