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Car Insurance Tips for Young Drivers

Drive a car in a low Insurance Group. These are the cars with small engines and considered to be less of a risk. Small. Safe and Inexpensive. Avoid Hot Hatches!

Take a Pass Plus course. The Pass Plus was set up by the Driving Standards Agency (DSA) to help new drivers gain experience that that may not have got when learning to drive. It has separate modules covering different aspects of driving, such as motorways, driving at night etc. It takes 6 hours to complete and should be taken within 12 months of passing the driving test. Many Insurance companies will give a discount to young drivers who have taken this course.

If a parent living at the same address has car insurance it is worth checking with their insurance company. Some will give a discount on insurance for a second vehilcle at the same address. Even if it is not the same person. And adding a named older driver such as a parent might help to lower the cost. There are no hard and fast rules. You have to shop around. Different insurance companies give different weight to certain factors.

Consider policies with some restrictions. For example late night driving might be restricted which could get a cheaper premium. Again you have to shop around for this.

Increase the Voluntary Excess. This would typically be between £100 and £200. Increasing this will bring down the cost of the insurance.

Third Party. Fire and Theft cover instead of Comprehensive if the car is not very valuable. Comprehensive insurance might not even be available to a young driver.

Avoid modifications to the vehicle. Insurers do not like modified cars, such as customised alloy wheels etc.

Park the car off the road if possible, such as in a garage or driveway. This applies to all drivers, young and old. Cars with approved (Thatcham) alarms and immmobiliser will help to reduce the premium.

And drive safely - You want a no claims bonus! This is usually 10% a year.

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